Altitude 11990 Rev - A881 Ascend Rev
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A881 Ascend Rev
B882 Base Rev
C883 Cornice Rev
D884 Depth Rev
E885 Elevation Rev
F886 Oxygen Rev
G887 Peak Rev
H888 Summit Rev
J889 Zero Rev
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Article: Altitude 11990 Rev
Width: 137 cm - 54 inch Repeat: 41 cm V 16 inch V
Weight: 465 gsm - 16.4 oz.sq.yd
Content: 75% Wool 25% Nylon
Range: 9 Colours
Delivery: Ex-Stock
CTA Standard: Heavy Duty Upholstery
Abrasion: 65,000 Martindale
Seam Slippage: Passes AS.2001.2.22
Piling: Passes IWS 196 - 1996 (4)
Light Fastness: Passes ISO.105-B02 - 1994 (5)
Flammability: Passes AS.1530.3
Ignitability: Indice 6
Spread of Flame: Indice 0
Heat Evolved: Indice 0
Smoke Developed: Indice 4
ACT Standard: Heavy Duty Upholstery
ACT Seam Slippage: Meets ASTM.D4034-92
ACT Brush Pill: Meets ASTM.D4970
ACT Light Fastness: Meets AATCC.16.3 Class 5
ACT Flammability: Meets California 117-2013
Environmental Impact